Gary Vitta

January 28, 2015


Honorable Judge Stanley R. Chesler, U.S.D.J.

United States District Court

Frank R. Lautenberg U.S. Post Office and Courthouse

2 Federal Square

Newark, New Jersey  07102


Re:  United States v. Gary Vitta

Crim No. 15-01


Dear Judge Chesler,


I write today on behalf of Dr. Gary Vitta.  My name is Lisa Martinez and I am a retired Sergeant with the California Highway Patrol (C.H.P.) with over thirty years of law enforcement experience.  In addition to field supervisor, I was the detective supervisor for background investigations of prospective C.H.P. candidates.  I believe my lengthy career experience in these assignments have given me a greater insight regarding people’s character and their motivation. 


I have known Dr. Vitta for over 25 years and I believe him to be an honest man with integrity, despite the situation he now faces.  However this incident happened, Dr. Vitta still is a man whom I would trust.  I know him well and it is my opinion he is a trusting, but naive person who may have been used by other parties for their own purposes. 


As a long time law enforcement officer I believe that all people should be treated fairly.  I’m asking you to consider Dr. Vitta’s lifetime commitment to education and community service.  I know he completely and totally admits and regrets his ill advised comment to an F.B.I. informant. 


I sincerely hope that in determining a just sentence that you consider all the good that he has done in his life and not the one case of poor judgment that has devastated him and his family.

  Thank you, your Honor, for taking the time to read my comments.


Respectfully yours,


Lisa Martinez, Sergeant (Retired)

California Highway Patrol