Gary Vitta

Rockaway Township
Public Schools
“A tradition of excellence and a commitment
to meeting the needs of the future.”

An e-blast for our residents on impressive happenings in
the Rockaway Township School District
Issue 4 • November 2011

Mission Statement
United by our community's
commitment to excellence
and the academic standards
as identified by the New Jersey
Core Curriculum Content
Standards, the Rockaway
Township School District
inspires all children to strive
to meet their fullest potential
by providing a challenging
and nurturing environment.

The Board of Education bids farewell to our Superintendent Dr. Gary Vitta, whose
last day in the district will be November 30th. It is with utmost appreciation that
we wish him happiness and good health as he begins his retirement.
During the five years that he was at the helm, he has accomplished quite a bit:

• He upgraded district facilities in a highly cost-effective manner, believing that
dignified surroundings lead to dignified student behavior;

• He showed that there were ways to reorganize a district without tearing apart
an organization and decimating morale;

• Through his good planning and negotiation skills, he saved the district
over a million dollars during his tenure;

• He promoted a culture that showed that it was “cool” to be smart in
Rockaway Township;

• He led by example, showing that with respect, you can disagree with
people but still like and appreciate each other and work together effectively;
• And he showed the value of building and nurturing a core team with a
unified vision.

It is with this, and his uncanny ability to get people to work together, that he
faced the many challenges that existed prior to his arrival. He delighted in
student achievement and took great pride in a job well done. His impact on
our students will live on in them for the rest of their lives.
On behalf of the community we thank Dr. Vitta for all of his contributions to
Rockaway Township… for his sincere caring, sense of humor and for leaving our
School District a far better place than when he found it. May he have a long and
very happy “next phase of life”!