Gary Vitta

Honorable Stanley R. Chesler, U.S.D.J.                                                                                                

United States District Court

Frank R. Lautenberg U.S. Post Office & Courthouse

2 Federal Square

Newark, New Jersey 07102


Re: United States v. Gary Vitta

       Crim. No. 15-01



Dear Judge Chesler,


     My name is Dr Stephen Forlano and I am writing to you today on behalf of my lifelong teacher, mentor, advisor, and trusted friend Gary Vitta.  My relationship with Gary began over 40 years ago as an adolescent entering my first year at Bishop Ford High School in Brooklyn, New York, 1974. Unbeknown to both of us, Gary was beginning a dignified career as an educator and I was starting out a teenager looking for direction. Gary immediately took notice of my ability to excel in the field of Science and Biology and became my endless source of inspiration, guidance, and support, directing my future education and ultimately the path of my life. Ranking 8th in a graduating class of over 200 students, I went on to receive a Bachelor of Science Degree from Fordham University in 1982, and culminated my education achieving a Doctorate Degree of Dental Surgery from Georgetown University in 1986.Gary’s influence on the value of education and my life has been extraordinary.  I attribute my professional accomplishments to the discussions, advice, guidance and tutelage afforded to me by Gary, who instilled confidence, self-esteem, honesty and perseverance during such formative years. Gary continued to lead by example, advancing the commitment to education, obtaining his Doctorate Degree as we followed similar paths during the growth of our friendship.


      Dr. Gary Vitta took me under his wing becoming a big brother to me, sharing genuine interest in furthering my education and success as a student, but most importantly shaping my morals, ethics and character as a young man, later as a father, and to this day as a respected professional in the health care system. Over the 40 years of friendship, I have known Dr.Vitta to be generous with his wisdom, knowledge and kindness to my entire family, and all who have approached him in need.  Dr.Vitta took the time to write numerous outstanding letters of recommendation for me, my children and many of his past students. These fine letters have been instrumental for all who have confided in Dr Vitta in attaining their goals on the educational ladder and in the workplace.  In addition, these young men and women have all gone on to careers as professionals exemplifying true standards of integrity and gratitude.


     Dr. Vitta has served a lifetime in the educational system advising, teaching and making very difficult decisions. Dr. Vitta has always made these decisions based on what is right and in the best interest of the students, teachers and administrators for their futures. He has never put himself ahead of what is just. I have known Gary to be trustworthy and honest, but most importantly a man with impeccable integrity, there to listen and help others, especially those exhibiting indecision, confusion and turmoil. Just recently I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, currently crippling my professional career as a dental surgeon. I called upon Dr Vitta once again for his compassion, advice and help. Although Dr. Vitta is encountering the most difficult emotional pain in his life, he has been a tower of strength for me and my family. Without his words of hope and courage, prayers of healing, and someone to lean on, I would be unable to battle this horrific disease. He has once again moved others to the forefront.



     Your Honor, in speaking with Dr.Vitta multiple times over the course of the last few months, I have heard the pain in his voice, witnessed the suffering in his face and felt the agony of his humiliation.  The embarrassment and shame Dr.Vitta and his family have endured are immeasurable.  Dr.Vitta’s remorse for his error in judgment is insurmountable and real. His faith has been weakened.  He is frightened and afraid for his wife Susan and his two daughters Alyson and Pamela. His mother Jennie, his brothers Louis and Ronnie, and his sister Barbara are living in shock and disbelief, praying that you will weigh all the goodness Dr. Vitta has brought to so many in your decision. This nightmare has taken its toll on Dr. Vitta, stripping him temporarily of what he does best, giving of himself to others. Today is my chance to return the help that Dr. Gary Vitta has granted to me over a lifetime.


    Judge Chesler, as a friend of Gary’s for 41 years, he has only treated me and my family with love and kindness. I would ask you to consider his past history of guiding and shaping the lives of many teenagers and adults in reaching their goals of academic and personal success. Please consider all the virtues Gary has brought to others. I have forgiven Gary and ask you and the courts to exemplify leniency and forgiveness in this matter as well. With all due respect to your decision in this case, I would ask you to consider restoring Dr Gary Vitta to his family and friends without any further suffering.


     Your Honor, I proudly stand by and continue to support Dr.Gary Vitta. I will always believe in him and trust him. I pray that you will see the righteousness in Dr.Gary Vitta from the countless who will write to you.




Dr. Stephen Forlano, D.D.S.