Honorable Stanley R. Chesler, U.S.D.J.

United States District Court

Frank R. Lautenberg U.S. Post Office & Courthouse

2 Federal Square

Newark, New Jersey 07102


United States v. Gary Vitta

Crim. No. 15-01



Dear Judge Chesler,


My name is Michael Miller.  I am currently an elementary school teacher in Union, New Jersey.  I am writing you this letter to let you know what a great and true friend Gary Vitta has been to me for the last eight years.  I was fortunate enough to meet Gary on an interview for a teacher replacement position in the Rockaway School system.  Looking back I can clearly recall being at the interview with the “Superintendent of Schools Dr. Vitta.” I was nervous to say the least!  All I can say is I couldn’t believe how comfortable a superintendent whom I had never met before was able to make me feel during a career changing interview.  We instantly made a connection and a friendship that has been going on for eight years strong!


Although I went in to that interview just hoping to land a job position I came out with so much more!  I met an amazing person who I have built a strong friendship over the years.  Looking back on the years with Gary, I have so many positive things to say about him.  There are too many things to list in a letter but here are some of the great moments that come to mind.  Being a tennis coach and fanatic, Gary quickly became my favorite tennis partner.  We play tennis several times a week throughout the summer months.  Gary has also been so generous to invite my wife and I over to his house on several occasions and even treat us to delicious home cooked meals.  Another thing I admire in Gary Vitta is what a great family man he is!  He spoke to me on several occasions how family means EVERYTHING to him.  I always admired how Gary is so generous when it came to helping friends around him.  He always tries to do what was best and always aimed to please others.  Overall I can’t say enough great things about him!  I still find it amazing to look back and realize how I met such a great, caring friend through a job interview in which I walked in sweating and nervous hoping to land a teaching job.


I must finish this letter by telling you that I stand by Gary one hundred percent.  I still look up to Gary and feel that he is one of the most honest, caring human beings on this earth.  I hope this letter helps you understand what a positive impact Dr. Gary Vitta has had on me throughout my eight years of knowing him!


Respectfully yours,


  Michael Miller

Teacher and Coach