Gary Vitta

February 15, 2015


Honorable Stanley R. Chesler, U.S.D.J.

United States District Court

Frank R. Lautenberg U.S. Post Office & Courthouse

2 Federal Square

Newark, New Jersey 07102


Re: United States v. Gary Vitta

Crim. No. 15-01



Dear Judge Chesler,


I am writing to ask for leniency in your sentencing of Gary Vitta. I am a friend of Gary and his wife, Susan. I have known the Vittas for over 7 years. We live in the same Denville neighborhood, share a multitude of mutual friends, and we’ve done many things together, including hosting each other for dinner over our respective homes.

As a personal friend, I can confirm without the slightest doubt that Gary is truly a tremendous human being. I have witnessed firsthand the many redeemable qualities Gary possesses. Despite this mishap (not to diminish his error in judgment in this case), I truly believe, and can vouch for the fact, that he is a high integrity individual. He is a standout in many respects.

In particular, he is thoroughly generous and caring; while I have not seen Gary in action in a professional capacity, I still recall during his retirement party some 3 years ago, educator after educator (speech after speech) sharing stories of how Gary went out of his way to help children, teachers, and parents alike, who were struggling in one form or another. He evidently spent much time outside of working hours helping others through their difficulties and problems. He truly deeply cares about his constituency, particularly the children, who it was clear, he treats like a father. I remember thinking ‘wow, that’s some legacy Gary is leaving behind; he and his family should be so proud’.

Additionally, through my many interactions and shared experiences with Gary over the years, I have always thought of him as being a responsible, well-meaning individual. He’s also been the consummate family-man, rearing, along with Susan, their two upstanding daughters. Never has any action of his called those qualities and impressions into question; rather, they’ve been continually reinforced via countless times when Gary has helped friends out in small and large ways and being there for his family.

Of course, he deeply regrets his error in judgment. I’ve been toiling over the question what led him to make such a mistake. I came away with a much clearer understanding, after he took pains in voluntarily describing, in large part, the circumstances that led to this state of affairs.  First, he was under a great deal of pressure; a law enforcement visit at the crack of dawn (i.e. ~7am) would indeed qualify. Second, he has maintained an exceptionally clean image over the course of his career (as well as in the neighborhood). I believe he thought that squeaky-clean image he has harvested would come into question, if there was any element, no matter how innocuous, that would have even the slightest appearance of impropriety.

To put it mildly, he has suffered immeasurably through this ordeal.  He has been experiencing a tremendous sense of loss and pain; he’s been emotionally distressed (somewhat of an understatement). This predicament has led him to question the innumerable constructive, positive contributions he’s made both personally and professionally over his illustrious career. His communications (via in-person, e-mail, and text) reflects that very fact. To have this highly public blemish cast a shadow over his impeccable legacy coupled with his harsh treatment of himself, in my mind, is punishment enough. Therefore, I appeal for leniency on his behalf.

Thank you much for your consideration.






Tony J. Bogovic