Gary Vitta

February 15, 2015

Honorable Stanley R. Chesler, U.S.D.J.

United States District Court

Frank R. Lautenberg U.S. Post Office & Courthouse

2 Federal Square

Newark, New Jersey 07102

Re: United States v. Gary Vitta

Crim. No. 15-01


Dear Judge Chesler,

My name is Louis Violante and I am a retired Police Officer from Montville Township.  I am respectfully submitting this letter on behalf of Dr. Gary Vitta.   I have known Gary and his family for over 20 years.  I met him when he was working with my mother in the same school district and soon became a close friend.   I grew up knowing him to be friendly, caring, loyal, always ready to help and give a hand as well as advice not just as a friend but like a father.  I always admired him for being a role model and a successful educator.   He was very proud of me when I decided to become a police officer.   He is a very compassionate man who always extended himself to help people in need in any way he could.  For that reason a large circle of friends were drawn to him since they felt they could always count on him and look up to him for his support, assistance , and honesty -  including myself.

I have so many fond memories of Gary and his family, the many vacations we took together were filled with a lot of laughter, great conversation and companionship.  Gary was easy going, never demanding – he went with the flow.  He was good with whatever we wanted to do as long as we were all happy and together.  I remember him coming to our home to enjoy many of the delicious Italian dishes that my mother would prepare and how we would laugh and talk for hours. Gary and Susan always reciprocated, inviting us to their home for any occasion or just to “hang out” and watch television.  Not fancy, just down to earth, comfortable, relaxed and enjoying one another’s company.  Along with fun and laughter came also compassion and understanding.  Gary and his wife Susan were among the first to be there for my family when each of my grandparents passed away.  Your Honor, this meant so much to me especially because I had been so close to all of my grandparents.  They helped raise me and my sister and Gary understood this – he respected the relationship I had with them and knew how much they had meant to me.  They were the first family members that I had lost and the pain of losing them was difficult, and Gary knew this.  He would call constantly to see what he could do for us and was at our home to comfort us and be a good friend.   I will never forget his support through this and how we could rely on him and his family.  Another example is particularly special to me because it has to do with the birth of my twin sons, Michael and Nicholas.  Gary and Susan were at the hospital the day they were born.  Again, this was one of the most blessed days of my life – and Gary and Susan were there to share it with us.  Not to mention graduations, my wedding, birthdays, etc…I mention all of these because these are the things that matter in life – they revolve around family.  And Gary and Susan were there for all of these. 

Your Honor, although I am a retired police officer the law will always be my passion and my profession.  I had to retire from a career that I loved due to an accident I suffered where I nearly lost my life, but in my heart I will always be a police officer.  I understand fully how the law applies to all citizens and what the consequences are when it is broken, but I also know that people do make mistakes and yes, Gary made a big one.  When I learned of what he had done, my first thought was this must be a misunderstanding, it cannot be.  In fact, through various conversations with him I know Gary respects the law and was respectful of what I did.  This horrible mistake is not the result of someone who is a criminal, but someone who showed poor judgment and made a poor decision. 

I speak from the heart, Your Honor, when I say that Gary is truly sorry for what he did.  He is a different person –the laughter, sense of humor, and smiles are gone.  I know time heals things, but I believe that Gary will never be the same.  The pain that not only he, but his family has endured because of this grave error have left an indelible mark on him.  He is not the same.  Those who are close to him worry about him, but we will be here for him to help him through this torturous time just as he has been there for so many people.  Your Honor, I beg for leniency on behalf of Gary Vitta and I pray that you allow him the opportunity to continue to serve his family and community the way he has always done.


Respectfully yours,


Louis Violante
Retired Montville Twp. Police Officer
Badge #082